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Devon Siding Olives

Chris and Andrea McCallum's Devon Siding olive grove is located in Devon North, approximately 5 kilometres north-west of Yarram, on the Tarra Valley road. After two disappointing years as a result of prolonged drought in 2008 and then the bushfires of 2009, the grove has produced bumper crops with an excellent oil yield. Devon Siding has over 600 olive trees, primarily Corregiola, Frantoio and Hardy's Mammoth. However there are smaller numbers of Jumbo Kalamata, Manzanillo and Koroneiki.

The olives are hand-picked before being pressed locally within the S.G.O. group. The stainless steel containers of oil are then brought back to Devon Siding where Chris and Andrea allow the oil to settle before filtering, bottling, capping and labelling it.

Harvest occurs in May/June, with the oil usually available for sale from July. It can be purchased as part of the soon to be released S.G.O. Sample Pack, through contacting Devon Siding Olives, or through any of the following stockists:

  • Neilson's Pharmacy, Yarram
  • The Federal Coffee Palace, Yarram
  • Courthouse Gallery & Tourist Information Centre, Yarram
  • Tom's Cap Winery, Carrajung
  • Narkoojee Winery, Glengarry
  • Food Co. on Franklin, Traralgon

Some Jumbo Kalamata and Manzanillo trees are set aside for fresh fruit picking from the public. Grove visits for olive picking, oil tasting and sales are welcome, but only available by appointment.

Devon Siding Olives
594 Tarra Valley Road
Devon North VIC 3971
Phone: (03) 5182 6281
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