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About Southern Gippsland Olives

In 2010 the owners of six boutique olive groves in Southern Gippsland met to look at ways of bringing to the attention of all, the olive products grown and produced in this beautiful part of Victoria, Australia. With the support of the Victorian State Government and the Shire of South Gippsland, a partnership - Southern Gippsland Olives was born.

Our area has traditionally been known for its fine dairy products, glorious Wilsons Promontory National Park and over the last decade for its superb wines. Our members have shown that olives are well suited to the Southern Gippsland fertile soil and climate, with our olive trees thriving and our produce developing intense aromas and flavors. Using environmentally sustainable practices with care and attention starting in the grove and throughout harvesting, processing, packaging and distribution, our boutique extra virgin olive oils are already attracting State and National awards.

We all take pleasure in educating people about the growing, harvesting and processing of olives for table-fruit and extra virgin olive oil and the health benefits gained from consuming our fresh produce. By working together, we can impart our passion for the glorious olives for which we toil and splendid Southern Gippsland region in which we choose to farm.

Our message to you is – come and try our olive products – you’ll enjoy the finest and freshest flavours.

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Southern Gippsland Olives
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